Friday, December 12, 2008

The Blackout Wedding

The week of September 15th started black. Literally.  Ninety percent of greater Cincinnati was without power due to hurricane wind gusts that knocked out power lines all around the city. Peterloon Estate, where I was to be coordinating a wedding, called me in the middle of the week to let me know they were, too, without power. But SURELY they'd not be without power on Saturday… right? Surely, the energy company would come to our rescue and restore power for the wedding… right?  WRONG!
A plan was quickly put into place! To handle the practical needs of the day, we rented a king-sized generator to supply our power needs for the tented reception, including the lighting and the band.  A catering tent was rented because the estate's kitchen was also without power. And, because the venue's restrooms would not be available due to the blackout, we also rented a luxury restroom trailer from Camargo Rental (who provided all of the rentals for the reception). But my beautiful bride didn't deserve just any old bathroom... this one featured hardwood floors, marble sinks and a state of the art hand dryer!

And when the big day came in, like an autumn storm, we were ready.  The wedding went off without a hitch, despite no power! We considered it a moral victory.

Below are photos from the lovely wedding ceremony held at the Indian Hill Church....

...after which the guests retired to the Peterloon grounds for the reception. We augmented the generator-powered spotlights with a TON of candles that were rush-ordered earlier in the week.
All of the candlelight was actually SO ROMANTIC AND BEAUTIFUL! Votive candles hanging from shepherd's hooks delineated walking paths for guests. Everyone loved the romantic glow throughout the grounds.  It really was a great wedding, and a great day for my team--we felt satisfied that even a city-wide blackout couldn't keep the party from going on.

Here is the beautiful couple, Kelly and Matt, who were able to fully enjoy their beautiful wedding day!

One of the best parts of my job is knowing I was able to help provide a wonderful experience for my clients that they can remember for the rest of their lives. Here is a generous note the mother of the bride sent me following the wedding.

"I can't express my gratitude and appreciation for all your hard work and support. Kelly and I knew instantly that you were the right person to help her dream wedding come true.  The night was magical and your attention to detail, advice and organizational skills made it all work. I could enjoy our out of town guests, family and friends and especially, Kelly and Matt, knowing you were in control. When the power went out, I knew we could count on you… and you more than pulled through. You are gifted and a delightful person to work with and to know. Thank you, thank you!"

Photographs by Michael Bambino & Co.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Paella Please!

This week at a wedding industry networking event, I met Hector Esteve, who has a unique, specialized catering business called "Paella At Your Place." 
I visited him last night at the Chateau Pomije Wine Store in O'Bryanville where he was sampling this flavorful Spanish dish. Check out my video report below (thanks to my new Flip video camcorder!).

To have this at your next event, big or small, visit Hector's website: or call him at 513.520.5502. 
Cincinnati Magazine just gave him raving reviews in the December issue! Add me to his fan list!

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