Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Our Favorite Things" - Bridesmaid Dresses

Photography courtesy of Steve Lyons

You know how Oprah has her "O List" of favorite things? Well, we have a few of our own favorites from this past wedding season (November 2008-November 2009).

My next few posts will detail the picks of the year. We'll start with our favorite bridesmaids' dresses!

First up is a fun and summery look from Caitlin and Joel's July 2009 wedding. Half of the bridesmaids wore summer bright green, while the other half modeled a fun tangerine floral pattern (both from David's Bridal). The two dresses coordinated perfectly. The emerald dresses were paired with tangerine shoes and vice versa. Except for the Maid of Honor, that is: her orange shoe/patterned frock ensemble made her stand out just the right amount. To tie the look all together, they all wore green sashes. Love it!

Photos courtesy of Shutter Think Photography

Another favorite from this past year is this beautiful Priscilla of Boston dress from Molly and Michael's October 2009 wedding. The dress is knee-length brocade with an empire waist and pleated bodice. Classic with a twist! The dresses were set off with strappy gold heels.

Each girl had a cute coordinating wrap to keep them warm in the chilly October weather.
Photo by Michael Bambino and Co

So, these were some of my favorite bridesmaid dresses from 2009.... next up are my favorite bridal bouquets. Stay tuned!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Meet Our Newest Team Member

Hi everyone!

Well, I'm back from taking a way-too-long break from this page. It was a busy summer and fall -- full of events and excitement -- but that's no excuse for blog neglect! I am back now and, until the end of the year, will be featuring our favorite things about our weddings and events in 2009.

But first: one of the highlights of the fall was the addition of our newest team member. She joined the viva bella team on September 26. Prior to that date, she'd spent 9 months 'shadowing' me -- she never left my side... not even for a moment. She attended every consultation, vendor meeting and event with me, so she's full of first-hand experience! As a matter of fact, the day she joined us was the biggest event in viva bella's history!

I've been working hard on-boarding her over the last (nearly) 3 months -- it's been a time-intensive process, but I think she's worth the trouble. I can already tell she's going to be a great communicator, is going to really respond to my leadership, and is going to win over new clients in a heartbeat! (I also think I sense a real fashion sense developing!)

Everyone, please meet and welcome Miss Joy A. Manuel!

All images (c) Tine Hoffman.
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