Monday, June 8, 2009

New Ad!

I'm very excited about a new ad that's just come out in CINCINNATI WEDDINGS magazine. I know it might seem like nothing to outsiders, but my team works hard to make sure the message we're sending out about viva bella is right on. So can I tell you a little about our new ad?

First of all, this is Kristin (Humpert) and Nate Hagedorn. They were married on December 1, 2007 . I thought their photo, taken by the amazing Tine at TM Photography, was perfect. To me, it says romance, mystery (because you can't see their faces) and contemporary elegance.

Cindy Loon at loon + co helped me put this together, and we landed on the text to read "feel, experience, and remember." Over the last year, I've really been working on brand identity and these three words keep coming up as central to who we are as a company. The continued feedback we received from clients was that they felt and experienced something special at their event that they would soon not forget.

The unique half-rounded box (which always reminds Stevie of the Partridge Family opening sequence) was created by our web programmer, Chris Bollman, and we use it on the new website a lot. To us, it communicates different and cool and modern. Lastly, you see a lot of chocolate brown and toasted gold in the ad- those have become signature colors for viva bella, so we wanted them to figure in heavily into our print ads.

So it might seem a small thing to someone flipping through the pages of CINCINNATI WEDDINGS, but to me, it's a 4x6 representation of my brand and company to the whole world. Thanks again to Cindy Loon for her great work on our new ad!


Krissy said...

Your website updates are really nice! They look great.

Max Surikov said...

I like the new website and the ad pic.

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