Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our Favorite Things: Bridal Bouquets

We continue our 2009 review with one of my all-time favorite wedding elements.... the bridal bouquet!

Picking the right bouquet is important. It has to be uniquely YOU. There are so many choices to make... what type do I want (hand tied, cascade, arm/cradle, etc), what size and shape of flower work best for my wedding, and what colors will I use? The flowers should reflect you: Are you a classic bride? ...then an all-white rose bouquet might be your thing. Are you a more contemporary type? ...then a bouquet with several textures and flower types might be for you. The recipe for the perfect bouquet is a hard one to get right but, thankfully, some people really get it perfect.

Below are some of my favorite bouquets from the past year and the beautiful brides who made them sparkle!

The lovely bride below is Stacy at her January 2009 wedding....

Stacy carried a bouquet with white cymbidium orchids with a pink throat, purple mini calla lilies and green hypericum berries (bouquet designed by Tim Lieber of Timothy's). All the berries seemed perfect for a very winter wedding!

Our next beautiful bride is KC (her wedding just received a 4 page spread in the Winter 2010 issue of Cincinnati Wedding Magazine- I'll be sharing more on this wedding soon!).

This bouquet was perfect for KC... the colors and textures were so strong, and matched how striking KC is, herself.

The design by Katie Elfers featured Black Magic and Black Bacarra roses, Schwawarzwalder (black) calla lilies, Uhule fern curls and was accented with rhinestones. The black ribbon that tied it all together had a rhinestone band to give it extra pop. Beautiful!

KCs photos courtesy of Kortnee Kate Photography

Another June 2009 wedding I loved was Liz and Kevin's. Liz carried a summery garden bouquet with white and pink flowers (designed by Robin Wood Flowers).

This collection just feels so sweet to me and was perfectly suited for Liz. The arrangement consisted of white and pink peonies and garden roses, lilac stock, tulips and astrantia... Lovely!

Liz's photos courtesy of Prentiss Photography

This bold bouquet was carried by Kim for her August 2009 wedding. I love how the rich colors and interesting shapes contrasted against her skin.

The bouquet was designed by Courtenay Lambert Florals and consisted of Black magic red roses, Schwarzwalder (black) calla lilies, Burgundy dahlias, and was accented with Dahlia buds. It was hand tied with a majestic purple ribbon. To add a very personal touch, Kim laced over the ribbon an old family rosary belonging to her grandmother. The rosary carried great sentimental value to her and she was honored to be able to include it in her bouquet.


Through the magic of Facebook, I was able to connect with an old college friend, Cesar, from my days at Texas A&M University (Gig 'em! to all you Aggies out there... anyone?... at all...?), and view photos from his wedding to his adorable new wife, Jill.

I immediately loved her her whole look: the dress, shoes, bouquet, the flowers she wore in her hair....

Her bouquet, designed by Shelly Black (Clarksville, MD), boasts antique green hydrangeas, green cymbidium orchids, circus roses (yellow and orange mix), orange roses, red & hypericum green berries and yellow ranunculus (I just love that word... ranunculus). The arrangement's fullness of color and texture make it completely beautiful!

One of the best parts of the bouquet is the yellow ranunculus... the bouquet has just a hint of it, but it's the perfect amount to coordinate with her canary and gold shoes. In my mind, the bright heels and the ranunculus made this a stand out look!

Photography by Jill Gately in Baltimore, MD

(Thanks for sharing your photos, Cesar & Jill!)

So, that's it for bridal bouquets... next up... wedding gowns! Picking just a few bouquets to feature was hard enough, but wait 'till you see the gorgeous dresses we've chosen....

Opening image photography courtesy of Steve Lyons; Bouquet design by Sprouts.

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