Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Afternoon with David Tutera | Cincinnati Wedding Planner

Last week I attended the Association of Bridal Consultants Annual Conference in Phoenix! Our keynote speaker was David Tutera, the host of WeTVs My Fair Wedding.

I have blogged about David before, when he was one the show, Celebrity Apprentice. The Apprentice featured him in a less than favorable light (on the show, he quit on the job, working with Joan Rivers), so my opinion of him was...well... a bit uncertain.
During an open Q&A, I have the opportunity to ask him about his experience on the show... I asked him what takeaways he learned from the experience. My question flustered him (poor guy!) as he rolled his eyes and sighed as he considered what happened on the show.
According to David, the producers were interested in drama and created a no-win situation for him to succeed. I believe it. Reality TV is nuts! He told us behind- the-scenes version of the story with great humor and charming charisma, which we all ate up with laughter! He is a funny guy. In the end, to answer my question, he said his take away from the experience that even bad PR is good PR because the exposure on the show increased his household exposure and google rating.

So, my opinion of him was redeemed (like it really matters!?) and his presentation was wonderful. He showed us pictures of the beautiful work he does and shared with us his best tip to be a successful wedding planner....


Listen to your bride and groom, find out who they are and tell their story through each detail of the wedding. FANTASTIC advice, I say.

So, everyone, I'm all ears!


Krissy said...

That's great advice - really listening. That's so helpful no matter what you're doing, but especially in any client service business. I find that asking good questions is a good way to be an active listener. Looks like a fun conference. I'm glad you went!

Krissy said...
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