Friday, December 31, 2010

Our 2010 Favorite Things: Bridal Bouquets! *Cincinnati Wedding Planner*

Aww, the bridal bouquet! I love seeing what kind of bouquet a bride chooses to carry... it tells me so much about their personality. Is the bride classic? Traditional? Is she refined? Is she adventurous? A bouquet can communicate these things by the type of flowers, colors, and overall style.

In 2010, many of the brides we worked with chose an all white/ivory bouquet. This was a bit of a change from last year, when most of our clients carried bouquets with an array of color. But this past year's all white and ivory bouquets were still full of wonderful texture, which is a current trend and something I personally enjoy.
Here are some of my favorite 2010 bouquets, both white and colorful, which perfectly reflected the individuality of the brides who carried them.

Below is Nicole, carrying an all white and ivory bouquet.
Nicole was a beautiful, classic bride. I recall her telling me when we first spoke that she didn't want anything too contemporary for her wedding. Nicole has refined taste and also a generous heart with a fun-loving flair. Her textural bouquet of white peonies (classic) and white mini callas (refined), with peony buds wrapped in silver jewelry wire throughout, and a collar of white rooster feathers (fun flair!) really hit the mark on capturing her bridal essence. The stems were wrapped with a band of white satin ribbon that was pleated and pinned with rhinestones. And behind every gorgeous bouquet is a great designer - Neil Leeson (Cleveland), who designed Nicole's bouquet, is no exception!
For more photos of Nicole's platinum wedding, follow this link!

Next is Amy, a stunning summer bride who was a bit more on the contemporary end of the spectrum but definitely had some classic elements (I'll be blogging this gorgeous wedding soon!)

Amy is sweet, kind and soft spoken, yet she's a Texas girl who knows what she wants... and gets it. Her bouquet, designed by Kim Kenney of Timeless Fiori in Dallas, boasted cream hydrangea, white cymbidium orchids, stephanotis blooms with crystal accents, cream fringed tulips and double white freesia. Even though it was mostly whites and creams, it was full of gorgeous texture.
Wow, Amy really made this bouquet! I loved her lipstick! Her dark hair and lipstick were the perfect contrast to the soft hues of her skin.

Next is the sultry Veronica, whose look was stunning and nontraditional. I remember during the planning process, I had a weird dream about her wedding. I dreamed her bridesmaids' dresses were pink and her wedding decor was champagne and pink with roses everywhere. I have no idea why I had that dream - I know it's not her at all! But her response to my dream was, "you better not do that to my wedding!" :) And of course, we didn't!
Her hand tied bouquet, designed by Las Vegas Event Florals contained cymbidium orchids, Schwawarzwalder (black) calla lilies and black feathers. I loved how the deep colors of the perimeter faded into the white, delicate orchids in the center. It was striking, just as the bride herself.

Images by Adam Trujillo

I love it when a bouquet captures a bride's essence as the ones above did! I can't wait to see what our 2011 brides will carry. More beauty awaits!

Opening photo bouquet designed by Sprouts. Image by Alanna Photography


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