Sunday, August 31, 2008

Surprise Wedding Update!

I wrote about our friends David and Kelly in a previous post--see “Ever Heard of a Gift Wedding?”

Their wedding is now fast approaching – just a few days away! Everyone who's participating in making this happen is full of excitement. There's so much to do to make a wedding happen right! So... the girls took Kelly dress shopping a couple of weeks ago--I thought I'd share photos.

Of course, we couldn't go straight there and shop immediately; we had to start with margaritas and nachos! Que divertido!

This is Kelly holding the custom-designed invitation that went out to the 38 invited guests (we changed the design from the original invitation presented to them, as Kelly wanted autumn colors featured in her wedding. What's that saying? "What a bride wants, a bride gets"? That will always be true, if I have anything to do with it! This was the first time Kelly saw the official invitation--she was delighted!

Kelly with her maid of honor, her sister Erin.

We had less than a month to buy a dress and get it altered, so... it had to be off the shelf. For what it's worth, you can get great dresses pre-made, and they're nothing to sneeze at. I know there can be a certain style cache to having custom-made dresses (and if there's room in your budget, great!), but what we did with Kelly is proof positive that if you're willing to look (and try on several maybes), you can find something affordable that still looks glamourous and fantastic.

I would just like to state here, for the record, that you definitely should NOT take photos of the "Please Don't Take Photos" sign. It's just... not right.

Here we are being silly with tiaras. I'd try on a tiara every day if I could get away with it!

David Russell, you had better not be looking at this post!! Top secret until you see her on September 5th!


amo said...

Looks like so much FUN! You gals are the cutest.

nanno said...

Can't wait to see pics of the wedding! kelly, you were so much fun to paint!

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