Friday, July 25, 2008

Ever Heard of a Gift Wedding?

I am so excited to share with you one of the neatest wedding stories I’ve ever heard. And I get to be a part of it! Seriously, a movie should be made out of this…

Stevie and I have some good friends, Kelly and David Russell. When we first met them, they told us the story of their courtship and that, when they intended to marry, their parents gave them no support or encouragement. You see, Kelly and David are an interracial couple (like me and Stevie! I’m proudly Mexican in my heritage!) and their relationship simply wasn’t accepted by their families. So, with maybe five people in attendence, they eloped. They didn't get to experience all the fun and hoopla surrounding a wedding (this makes me sad!). Can you imagine? No wedding gown (that all little girls dream of wearing one day), no tuxedo, no photographer, no registry gifts, no flowers, no music, and no cake. And the worst thing, to me, is that their families and close friends were not there to celebrate THEM—their relationship with each other. Terrible, right?

Well, that was eleven years ago, now. David and Kelly have a beautiful, loving family, with two boys, Mac and Bodie. We’d always said to other friends of theirs, “Someday, we’re throwing those Russells a proper wedding. There was just too much robbed from them in not getting to celebrate each other via a wedding. This has to happen someday…”

Well, it’s happening. Nine of the Russells closest friends have conspired, strategized, chipped in, and are making this thing happen! Yes! And guess who gets to plan it? Why, viva bella, of course! We are sooooo excited for them. I get giddy thinking about it!

I’ll be telling you more about this amazing story, but I’ll include some photos and a video from Tuesday night, when we presented a custom-designed invitation to them at dinner. Do you think they were surprised? Ya think?


Anonymous said...

What a great story!!!
I could not read the when is the big day?

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!


dora said...

The big day is Friday, Sept 5th. We're all soooooooo excited to give them the celebration they finally deserve!! Thanks for your offer to help, Stephanie! Very kind. We found a photographer for them already (Tine), so you're so sweet to offer up help!!

Steve Z. said...

What a fantastic story!! Do you need a videographer?

dora said...

why yes we do! let's talk!

nanno said...

I cried watching this. Can't wait to be a part of it!!!!

dora said...

So glad you wanted to be on board, nanno- I can't wait either!

Ana said...

WOW! I cried watching that video! Congratulations to the Russell family! What a precious gift! have to be seriously sneaky pulling off a surprise wedding! Muy bueno, plmr!

Anonymous said...

I'm in on the wedding too and this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever gotten to do. I think those of us that are planning and contributing to the wedding for Kelly and David are really the ones getting the gift!

I'm coming up on my 10th anniversary and I can tell you that I'd LOVE to get the chance (now that we really know what we're in for!!!) to marry my husband all over again.

Also - seeing Dora in action on a wedding is amazing: she is really really good.

J. said...

So happy for the Russells!
What are all the activities that you have planned for them??

I can't wait to read and see how this all comes together.

Great idea!--Jessica

Shan said...

I went to NKU with Kelly and we used to work together. Ever since she left SKHS, I have been wondering where she went. I would love to know more about this wedding....If you could email me at that would be great!

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