Thursday, July 3, 2008

Shaedyn & Alex in the Press!

News flash! viva bella clients Shaedyn & Alex had their beautiful wedding published in Cincinnati Wedding Magazine! The wedding was last summer, and I remember it well (they are a TERRIFIC couple). It was a Navy/New England themed wedding. Below are some additional photos and details that didn't make the magazine...

The escort cards were placed in sand, reinforcing the New England theme.  A really elegant touch that communicated refinement.
Cake cutting with a sword is less frightening when you're marrying a Navy man.
As Shaedyn and Alex exited Armstrong Chapel, they were given the 'Oar Detail', which is a corridor of oars from Navymen.  A unique, stylish, and memorable moment!Some other great ideas from their wedding:

-Their guest favors were custom painted tiles with New England images of lobsters & crabs (We placed them at each setting and tied organza ribbon in a square knot that draped perfectly off the table).

- As guests departed the late reception, they received a New England nightcap of milk & sugar cookies to go! The cookies were made by Shaedyn herself, and were lobster shaped with red icing.  

On another note, this was the first wedding I can remember where the groomsmen's bowties weren't pre-tied, with a hook-and-loop closure... these had to be hand tied, old-fashioned-style. Ever tied a bow-tie? Yeah, no one else had either! I did my best to communicate with the wedding party just how to tie those darned things. It's much harder than you think! But we made it through, as always, and my men looked like Royal Officers at the last!

Congratulations to Shaedyn & Alex for having their beautiful wedding celebrated in print.  I know it's gratifying for them, and it's certainly fun for me.  Have a beautiful life, guys!


amo said...

lovely! I really like a good theme. I hate it when brides come to me and have to concept to grab ahold of. I need some sort of inspiration!

Lucky Designs said...

What a lovely event!

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