Friday, May 23, 2008

How I got engaged

Stevie and I just celebrated 6 years of marriage, which was great fun (maybe I'll post on our favorite B&B getaways sometime). Ever heard our engagement story? It's crazy.

We'd dated in Dallas, on and off for years (! exhausting, isn't it, ladies?!) and were "off" when I was offered a job transfer to faraway Cincinnati, Ohio. I knew nobody here, but felt I should make the jump into the unknown. I'd thought Stevie and I were supposed to marry one another (though I never told him), but here I was, moving a thousand miles away from him. Scary. But again, I just thought I was "supposed" to move here!

Fast-forward a year, and I was driving to my friend Cary's house in Erlanger, KY for a 'girls night out'. I pulled up, but Cary wasn't there- Stevie was. I was totally SHOCKED to see him there--we obviously hadn't spoken in a while. (exactly 5 months and 3 days... but who was counting?) I even started crying, because I'd tried so hard to be done with this guy and here he was, back in my life!

Turns out, he'd secretly planned this with Cary (who was out of town watching a football game! She duped me!) and, after a lot of prayer and consideration, had also decided that we were meant for each other. So, that very night, after about 8 hours of talking (and more crying), he proposed to me. Yup, right there in Erlanger, Kentucky. I said yes, of course!

And it's been working, very well, for over 6 years now! All right!

(This is, I think, the most recent photo of us. It's from a little weekend trip to Colorado, about a month ago...)


stevie said...

nice blog!

stephanie said...

that is too cute!!!
You adore's obvious in this photo and the way I hear you talk about him.

Ok...any advice on how to get a good man like that?

dora manuel said...

Yes! Pray... and wait! :)

amo said...

Love the story. And the cute photo. Paul and I are coming up to six years as well!

Chrys and Mike said...

oh wow. i'd forgotten that story! it's a good one.

love the pic of you guys!


Ana said...

you have a blog! i am so happy i found you! i so remember the phone call after your engagement...i was sitting in my office at camp ozark shocked and excited! there was no question God made him for you and you for him! love you both!

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