Friday, May 23, 2008

The VBellamobile

I don't know if any of you have seen me motoring around town, but if you have, you've seen Belle, my Nissan Murano. (This isn't a product endorsement, but I will say I love my car!) Belle is kind of cream/gold, which fits in with viva bella's colors, and her license plate says that she's a working girl. Just thought I'd share with all you guys a happy moment we shared, when I first started the business.

Look for me and Belle tooling around downtown, northern Kentucky, Dayton, and especially in Oakley!


amo said...

FUN shot! Every time I see a gold colored Murano I check the plate to see if its you! My sister has an obnoxious yellow volkswagon beetle with JENNBUG on the plate so I do the same thing with yellow beetles...

Anonymous said...

Hi Dora! So great to see you blogging. Next time I see "Belle" in the driveway when I pass by on a run, I'll make sure to ring the doorbell and say hello. (there's no reason why we can't have meetings even though the wedding has passed, right?!) Take care.
-Rachel Saphire

dora said...

Please do stop by! I was just looking at your wedding photos today and thinking how I wish we were still planning your wedding! ;)

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