Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Serious Romance!

I wish everybody could see and hear what I’m exposed to every week.  I just heard a CRAZY story from Angie, one of my brides, that included this turn of events:
“Right after he told me he was engaged he said, “But if you want to stop this wedding, you’ll go out with me next week”!

What?  Her fiancée (Michael) was engaged when he first asked her out!  Now that’s being smitten! Wow.


I'm always interested not only in the weddings of my clients, but in their marriages.  However glorious, the wedding is just a short-term event; the marriage, however, lasts a lifetime.  Pre-marital counseling is always a good idea, as an aide for dealing with all the intricacies of two separate people becoming one entity.  I also like this piece of advice for newlyweds:  make getting away together, alone, a priority for your first year. Allen Stickney, a mentor of Stevie's from Dallas (and the man who married us), instructed us to get away once a month for our first year.  Seems like a lot of trouble (and money), but it's worth it.

If you're anywhere in Cincinnati's tri-state area, you might be interested in some of our favorite getaway spots.  We still like to retreat from the city whenever we can, and we've found some gems over the years.  I'm just going to mention one at a time, and I'd like to start with Glenlaurel Inn in Hocking Hills.  If you've never been to 'the hills', they're just about 2 hours northeast of Cincinnati (maybe 45 min. southeast of Columbus) and include 9 State Parks and Forests.  It's a scenic, remote-feeling place to spend time with the most important person in your life.  

We love Glenlaurel (which I first heard about from my friend Mary) because, in addition to the main inn (which houses 5 private suites), they have a series of private cottages on their property.  The cottages have private hot tubs that face the forest (yeah!), and are completely self-contained.  They also have an amazing chef named Shawn who makes incredible 5-course dinners (7 on the weekends!), and indulgent breakfasts.  Glenlaurel has also added a spa recently; on our last visit in May, Stevie and I both got fantastic full-body massages.  (I'm a little more comfortable getting them than he is, but he enjoyed it, too.)  

So listen up, people who want your marriage to last!  Get some time away together!  Do so regularly!  And may all our marriages stay as romantic as Angie's.  Or did you not think Michael was completely taken with her when he offered to stop his wedding on her account?  Okay, how about this:

Their first date (he picked her up in the morning, and told her to bring a passport) was to... the Bahamas.

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amo said...

Oh my gosh! What a crazy story!

Paul and I went to Hocking Hills for our first anniversary - we need to go back and check this place out!!

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