Monday, July 21, 2008

A Man Among Ministers

Today I'm writing about a very special man in my marriage. (It's not my husband, though he helped to make my husband who he is.)

His name was Allen Stickney and not only did he mentor Stevie for several years while we lived in Dallas, he also performed our wedding ceremony.

I've mentioned my & Stevie's pre-marriage relational woes (see post on How I Got Engaged). Allen and his wife, Alice, were some of the few who always believed in our relationship, despite our constant efforts to mess it up!

I know that, whenever it's left up to me, I always try to secure the best possible minister for my brides and grooms. I want a presiding minister who can truly offer a significant blessing. Marriages are "holy unions", as the saying goes, and having the right minister matters.

Well, I believe we had the right minister. Allen loved on the lowly, duplicated his passion in many, many men, and lived a life devoted to God. Sadly, Allen passed away on July 6. He leaves behind his wife Alice (who still is a mentor for me!). Stevie and I will be heading to Dallas this week for Allen's memorial service.

So today I'm celebrating the life of a great man who blessed our life and marriage immeasurably! Here's to Allen Stickney!

Above is a photo of Stevie & me with Alice & Allen Stickney on our wedding day 6 years ago.


nanno said...

Dora, please let me offer my condolences to you and your husband. This is such a beautiful picture to post. My thoughts are with you and yours.

dora manuel said...

Thank you, Nancy! Very kind and comforting words. Off to Dallas Friday morning at 6:15AM. Ouch.

amo said...

What a cool story. Thanks for sharing!

I am not sure if I have ever told you that Paul's dad performed our marriage ceremony, and he was wonderful. It was so cool to have him work with us and do the ceremony. In fact, he did such a great job that he was sort of the star of the show - everyone wanted to meet him afterwards. One co-worker of my mom's (who was Catholic) told mom that she wanted to convert to whatever religion Paul's dad was - she liked the ceremony so much.

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