Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chic new site!

I've always loved how fashion informs style for events.  Many people think that one has nothing to do with the other, but where do you think patterns for cakes come from?  Or table linens?  Or color palettes that communicate "contemporary, edgy, and stylish"?  I'll tell you:  fashion.

So I've always got my eye open, looking for what's hot in the world of fashion, or what's just around the bend. It helps me stay on top of the game, so that my designs and ideas don't become passe, like plastic shoes and twist-a-beads.

And that's why I felt like a champ when I uncovered Chick Downtown (cleverly, both chicdowntown.com and chicKdowntown.com will get you there).  It's an all-comers party of the best designers: everybody's at one spot!  And they don't just do dresses, they've got shoes, accessories, and bags, too!  If you're too into fashion, this site might not help your illness, but if you just like to keep abreast of the fashion world, this will help.  

I've added Chic Downtown to my 'beautiful sites' list to the right.  Okay, everybody!  Back to work!  Have a beautiful life!


Debbie Porter said...

I LOVE this dress. And I like how it matches the cake, but it's still subtle enough to be considered classy and not over the top.

This is a DO for a rehearsal dinner. Definitely a DO, Dora.

dora manuel said...

I agree, Debbie! You're a fashion diva yourself, so I take your comments to heart! :)

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