Monday, October 20, 2008

The New Wedding Snack Bar

If you've been to many weddings, (or are just collecting ideas as you plan your own!), you've probably seen the late night snack bars that get rolled out around 10:30 p.m. once the dancing is well underway.

Here are some of the "bars" that've been popular over the past few years:

1. The crowd-pleasing candy bar has been a big hit for a few years. Couples select their favorite candies to share with their guests. Guests grab a bag and fill it up! Couples choose candy whose colors match their wedding design... or not. Either way, it is always a hit.

2. Then there's the late-night Skyline chili bar for
us Cincinnatians who call pasta "chili"!

Who wouldn't want a "3-way" or a cheese coney to refuel you after you've been dancing for a couple of hours?

3. I've also seen the soft pretzel bar, Philly style. Hot pretzels are served up with a variety of toppings and dipping sauces like mustard or cheese.

4. You may have run across a cupcake bar or ice cream bar - yum! You can decorate your own with a variety of toppings!

And here comes my newest invention...

The Cereal Bar
I'm hereby proposing a new type of late night bar for weddings.... how about a cereal bar? My husband, Stevie, visited Chicago recently and found Cereality and told me about some of their wedding favor ideas. Seeing what they do reminded me of my own love of Fruity Pebbles or Cap'n Crunch right before bedtime. So I thought, "Why not take this goodness to weddings?" (Doesn't this sound fun!?)

Start with Cereality's "milk tight" serving bucket...

Add your favorite cereal...

And extra toppings (I can't say I want Reece in my Captain Crunch, but who knows??)

And with your choice of milk (whole, skim or soy), there you have it... the best new late night wedding snack bar! Get your cereal fix and then head back to the dance floor!
Okay, so, I'm hungry now. Who wants to sign up?


amo said...

love it! I know Krissy and Paul would love it too. They are huge cereal fans...

Anonymous said...

Seriously cool idea. Whenever anyone I know goes to some event held on a college campus, the first thing they hit in the cafeteria is those giant cereal dispensers. Great guilty pleasure.

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