Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trash-y Results!

I wrote a few weeks back about the "Trash the Dress" trend, and that I was going to have my own personal "Trash the Dress" session with my 6+ years old wedding gown. Well, it did indeed happen! Some of you out there have told me you "just don't get it..." I even had one person say she thought 'trash the dress' was morbid! Well , you can see the results below, but my main reaction to the whole thing is just to say that it was SO FUN. I felt like a star for a day, and I was put in situations where, of course, I would never otherwise be. It was a blast. A messy, and eventually, drenched blast.

Forgive me if these photos are a bit of an overkill, but I want you to see the variety of creative and interesting situations that Simply Timeless Photography and Glass Eye Video put me into!

The amazingly talented Sam Hills created my 'faux bob' and the lovely Nancy with Brideface did my make up and put these fabulous fake lashes on me... oh, the lashes! Thanks to them both who I consider the beauty expert "dream team."

As you can see, I didn't trash "beyond return." I can still clean it and keep it, if I want to. My dress now has new memories!

Here's a record of the whole thing from Steve at Glass Eye Video:

Dora Trashes It from Steve Zugelter on Vimeo.


Steve Z. said...

It was an incredible day that I won't soon forget. You were a BLAST to work with, and I'm honored to have been a part of it all.

Rachel said...

Looks like a blast! This would be an awesome anniversary gift

doramanuel said...

That's a great thought! Anniversary gift... but for who? The bride or groom? You can do it together!

amo said...

Love. You are so beautiful. I think I like the happy shots better than the serious ones. I like that you posted some of those, I had not seen them yet... My fear would be that the dress wouldn't fit me - your's looks baggy!

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