Wednesday, November 5, 2008

From Fashion to Wedding!

I get my best ideas for event design from keeping an inspiration journal and adding anything I see that I like – it could be a fashionable dress from a magazine, or a new kind of floral arrangement I see when checking into a hotel in a new town.

Of all the things I look at to inspire, fashion is my favorite inspirtation for wedding! Why? Fashion tells me what’s coming: New ideas and trends first appear in fashion, then move into home/interior design, then finally weddings and events. Watching fashion keeps me on top of what's happening!

I fell in love with the dress in this photo and set out to put together a table arrangement that reflects this look! Here’s what I came up with... (These are always fun exercises for me!) These are very simple and elegant looks.

[By the way, I can't find this dress anywhere for sale! If you see it, let me know! :) ]

The first look was called "Fuschia and Ice." It's a great winter wedding contemporary look!

I started with a beautiful textured fuschia linen. The chairs in the photo are "ice chiavari chairs." They are see through... very cool!

I used silver chargers and silver napkins. My votives on the tables were actually "snowballs." The BEAUTIFUL flowers were put together by the very talented Katie Elfers. The arrangement is a bed of carnations with orchids and ferns. Katie also added a peacock feather to the arrangment!

Amo Ink contributed the lovely menu cards and table number that completed the look.

Below are 2 very contemporary napkin folds to complete the Fuschia and Ice look.

The 2nd look was Fuschia and Chocolate... I find this a great fall wedding look! I used the same table cloth, but add chocolate brown lamour napkins and changed out the ice chairs for mahogony chiavari chairs. Adding the brown brings out the necklace the model's wearing in the inspiration picture.

Adding a flower detail to complement Amo Ink's menu card is a chic touch!

So there you go! From fashion to wedding! Feel free to send me inspiration photos that you'd like to see in a table setting! This type of project keeps me on my toes and... it's what I do!

Special thanks to Molly from Camargo Rental for helping me pull this all together in their showroom!


amo said...

Wow! Love the look. The linens are so unique - I would feel so hip eating at that table! The flower arrangement is amazing. Love the touches of brown as well. You are good!

Krissy said...

This is inspiring. I love the connection with Fashion. Beautiful.

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