Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lauren & Jordan's hip affair

A beautiful event's secret is always in the details...and that was very true of this lovely, uniquely designed wedding!
Here is the beautiful couple! Lauren had a very clear vision for her wedding design... funky, chic and hip! I'm so glad I was able to be part of the team to help bring her vision to life.

Above is Lauren's amazing bouquet created by Mt. Lookout Sprouts... the bouquet features red and black magic roses, black callas, ferns (the curly brown things!), and black feathers.

I love that while Lauren had black feather accents in her bouquet, her bridal party's bouquets were accented by white feathers.

This custom built chuppah was the focal point of the (17 minute!) ceremony. Many, many conversations were had over the design... the fabric, the size, the lighting, but it all came together! Special thanks to Steve Brock and his talents with this project!

I love this photo! Lauren came down part of the aisle by herself (how brave!) and then her parents met her about 2/3 up and walked with her the rest of the way.

An aerial reception room shot... round and square tables were mixed in the room with alternating red velvet and black & white patterned linens.

(Above) This is one of the 3 centerpieces created by Sprouts.

(Above) The finished look with lighting in place (Lighting by Goodwin)... "red fabric" on the walls, red mosiac on the ceiling and pinspot lighing for the tables.

(Above) The newly married couple performing their first dance. I think they were more nervous about this choreographed dance than anything else!

Candy bar!

The above and below pictures feature Lauren's very personal touches (including the custom labels she created for the candy bar bags).

Lauren is a very talented graphic artist and created her own invitations, (amazing! wish I had a picture of them to share) as well as created all of the printed pieces used at the ceremony and reception.
How cool are those "Mr. and Mrs." signs for the sweetheart table chairs!
Below is a collage of more of her beautiful work... She created direction signs that were placed on landings and in the elevators. The bar had her signature drinks sign.

Her programs were such a hit! And the escort card... can't forget those... they were little black envelopes with a feather meticulously attached to each one.

All of this was wonderful attention to detail that completed the overall look.

Isn't that ring bearer pillow great?

I love Before and After Pictures to see how creativity and beauty transform a space!

The first set below is the ceremony room before we built the lovely chuppah.

I took this "Before" photograph months before the wedding to determine what size the chuppah needed to be and how it would fit into the room....
The room has blue wallpaper and favors a blue tint.


Here is a centerpiece before and after the lighting was in place....

What a difference lighting can make! Here's my lighting soapbox: Lighting is a HUGE contributor to the overall design of a space... I would forgo a lot of other design elements before not having lighting because it has a very significant impact on the overall look of a room.

Isn't it great when a wedding really reflects the personality of the couple?
Congrats Lauren & Jordan and best wishes for your marriage!
Images captured by the lovely and radically talented Neysa Ruhl.


nanno said...

What a super stylish wedding! I have worked with Lauren's sister many times, and Lauren saved my hide the week before her wedding!
what a great job you did making her vision come to life!

amo said...

Fabulous!! Great job Dora. I love how it all connects so beautifully.

Krissy said...

Wow- this is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

didi said...

There were so many great people who helped put this beautiful wedding together, including Lauren and her stylish eye for beauty, and her mother in law! It was a total coordinated effort! So glad I was a part! I forgot to mention all the rentals... we probably rented from at least 5 or 6 different rental companies to get exactly what we wanted!

Amanda Donaho Photography said...

Stunning! You do gorgeous work!!

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