Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cincinnati Wedding's Expert Panel

Today, I (along with four of my favorite colleagues) was part of an expert panel doing a Q&A promotional event for Cincinnati Wedding Magazine.  Joseph Beth Booksellers hosted us, and it was a great chance to be provided as a resource for local brides.

The moderator asked us a few questions, then the brides (and their sweet moms) asked us several questions.  I was asked what one tip I'd give to a bride-to-be, whether they were using me or not, regarding their wedding.  My answer: have someone there to run your wedding day (or it will run you!)!


Chrys said...

I wish you had planned my wedding, Dora. We were on a shoestring budget and I guess I just didn't think it was an option to have a wedding planner. But, man, it was so stressful that I honestly remember very little of that special day. I think what I do remember is only b/c I've watched the video so many times! :)

I insisted on doing everything myself b/c I'm a control freak, I guess, but mainly to cut down on costs. That was a bad idea for a very unorganized but detail-oriented person. Imagine 400 black magic roses and lilies of the valley filling my bathtub for the two days before the wedding, or me up until 4 a.m. the morning of the wedding working on the programs. The boutonnieres we worked so hard on never made it on the lapels of the orchestra members b/c I forgot to delegate that chore, so they wilted in a box while the orchestra played on. I forgot all about wearing the garter and had to put one on really quickly so my new husband could take it off at the reception. I was late to the church b/c of hair and makeup so we ran out of time for pics, etc. Just silly stuff but details that bothered me.

Don't get me wrong, it was a wonderful day and I think it turned out beautifully in the long run. But I have lots of regrets that I didn't plan better and hand over some of the control to other folks. I took such poor care of myself in the months leading up to the wedding (3 month engagement) that I ended up miserably ill on our honeymoon. I spent much of the time in the cruise ship's infirmary with an IV in my arm b/c I was so dehydrated and stressed out from the wedding! Ugh. It's been nearly five years and it still makes me sad that it was so stressful and that I was less able to focus on what was really important about that day. :(


amo said...

I agree with the other commenter - although my wedding did not sound as complicated as hers! I remember at one point during the reception my mom running over to me asking if we should do the toast now. Then I saw her and my dad passing out the champagne for the toast! UGH! We totally should have had a planner...

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