Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A New Year's Eve Celebration

Below is a great wedding highlight video from the New Year's Eve wedding of Jessica and Cody at Drees Pavilion. Beautiful work by Steve Zugelter at Studio + Z Films .... you can really feel the emotion in this!

I can't share this without pointing out a few favorite details...
First: the vows: wow! I love when couples personalize their vows. Their vows were so honest and touching.
Second: Jessica's hair piece is completely adorable! The way the netting scoops over part of her face is so classic. She looked beautiful and her pearls finished her look.
Finally: Her bouquet-- you can't see if very much of it, but Jessica is carrying the same bouquet design that her mother and grandmother carried in their weddings : Spray of Gardenias, Lily of the Valley, and Stephanotis (bouquet by Timothy's).

Cody is decked out in his military uniform and is looking snappy! Thank you, Cody, for serving our country!


amo said...

My wedding "video" was a joke. We had a family member record it. They had the camera on a tri-pod, and when everyone stood up when I walked down the aisle you couldn't see anything. Hilarious.

Melissa said...

This video was absolutely amazing! I even got a little teary-eyed in the end!

Anonymous said...

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