Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2010 recently published their list of top trends for the year.

My favorites are the new cocktail style receptions and statement cakes!
Biggest surprises... 3-D stationary... hmmm.... we'll see!

And here they are:

BLACK, WHITE & BALL GOWNS: From black-sashed dresses and ball gowns to tulle and high waists, the look of the season is all about Grace Kelly elegance, right down to the accessories: ladylike gloves and pearls. For the guys, traditional tuxes are back.

2. MAD MEN-INSPIRED BEAUTY: Channeling the likes of Betty Draper and Audrey Hepburn, brides will be opting for statement-making hairstyles, like bouffants, French twists, and even beehives, with chic cage veils. As for makeup, matte base, black eyeliner, and red lipstick complete the look.

3. RAT PACK COCKTAIL RECEPTIONS: Couples are skipping the sit-down dinner and going for super club-style cocktail parties instead. Think: big-band music, heavy appetizers, and old-fashioned cocktails, like Manhattans, sidecars, and dirty martinis.

4. ART DECO COLORS: Black -- paired with emerald green or ruby red -- will give weddings a dramatic, sophisticated feel.

5. STATEMENT CAKES: Cupcakes will always be cute, but the big news right now is stately cakes, from towering layers to splashes of metallic details.


6. INTERACTIVE ELEMENTS: Blame it on Avatar, but the 3-D craze is also hitting the wedding scene with 3-D save-the-dates, menus and more. And, the interactive phenomenon doesn't stop there. Guests can look forward to crossword puzzle-style save-the-dates, video announcements, and special performances.

7. GLEE-INSPIRED FIRST DANCES: Inspired by the hit show, Glee, couples are taking their first dance to a whole new level by opting for a “mash-up” (or medley) of songs instead of a single one.

8. OVER-THE-TOP WEDDING EXITS: Forget the sparklers, confetti canons and hot air balloon sendoffs will be all the rage.

9. STYLE SURPRISES: A pair of high-top sneakers peeking out from under his tux! A glimpse of a pink petticoat under the hemline of her dress! Pairing bright-green socks for the groom and bright-green shoes for the bride! Couples are really showing their individuality, underneath it all.

10. THE ANTI BRIDE: The '80s are back in a big way, and weddings are not immune. Fingerless gloves, neon graffiti, and '80s prom music will be huge at fashion-forward receptions and after-parties.


RINGS: Taking a cue from the fashion runways, gold is the new metal for engagement rings andwedding bands. And for a vintage feel, brides are pairing it with a rose-, emerald-, or Asscher-cut diamond.

REGISTRY: While wedding style goes retro, registry goes high-tech. Couples are now using new and innovative ways to create their registry with techie tools like Gift Registry 360 on Facebook.

HONEYMOONS: All-inclusive luxury resorts are popping up all over the globe, from Hawaii to Antigua -- and honeymooners are flocking to them for the awesome food.


Luciana said...

I guess we are right on trend for our wedding--we are doing a sort of retro glam, Mad Men inspired reception and we are using, an online "high-tech" registry site, for our wedding registry (we're using their facebook app too!).

Anonymous said...
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