Sunday, March 7, 2010

We Are Family

My family is complicated. Isn't everyone's? :)

I have the beautiful family I was born into, I have a great family I married into, and I also have a "Blind Side" family (if you haven't seen that movie, it's a MUST! Be sure to bring some Kleenex...).

Eighteen years ago, I was a Texas teenager with a broken family and a broken heart. For a number of reasons, I moved in with my Sunday School teacher's family (Stevie calls them the Bs) during my junior year in high school. The move was only supposed to be temporary, but as we like tell the story, I moved in and never left! :) They adopted me into their hearts, and I them. The experience of living with them changed my life both emotionally and spiritually, and set me on a new course. I probably would've never gone to the college I went to, so not met my husband (Stevie and I met in college), and not ended up in Cincinnati (the job that relocated me to Cinci is one the Bs helped me get).

All that said, I met my "Blind Side" sister, Amy, when she was 7 years old: when I came by the B's house to discuss possibly staying with them for a couple of weeks, she was laying on the couch watching TV. (I remember her being very sleepy and very sweet.) Over the course of the year, I became her de facto big sister. Being a big sister was new for me, as I had always been the baby in the family. Amy would look through my stuff (!), wanted to be with me when my friends were over, and she cried when I went to college.... all typical little sister stuff! Over the years, we've become great friends.... and true sisters!

Here are some pictures over the years... don't we look just alike?! ;)
Top left photo: my high school graduation... Amy was so little and so cute! Top right photo: My 2002 wedding. Bottom left: Amy's college graduation with a Bachelor in Nursing. She's an amazing nurse! Also pictured is our little sister, Gracie, born when I was in college. Bottom right: Amy was there for the birth of my daughter last September.

Why am I posting about Amy B? Well, she'll all grown up, as you can see, and is getting married this summer in Dallas... boy, I'm so excited! Stevie and I just love the man she is marrying. We know there is an amazing adventure awaiting them. I'm also super excited to help her plan this wedding! (Did you think for a second I wouldn't get in on that?!)

Of course, I couldn't possibly be part of her wedding planning puzzle without pulling in a few of my favorite vendors... so, we're shipping in DJ Toad to rock it out at the reception and Kortnee Kate to capture the day in pictures. Also, amo-ink is designing her the wedding stationary. Quite a team, I'd say!

Below are Amy and Lauren's engagement photos that Kortnee flew to Dallas to take. Kortnee did an amazing job of capturing who they are!

Look at that great smile!
All the color in the photos is amazing... Amy's adorable green coat and purple scarf (that she knitted herself... I got a green one for Christmas!) really pop in front of the blue door, don't they?

I love this picture! It very much feels like Lauren being silly and cool at the same time while Amy patiently smiles!So sweet!
The next two photos below were taken at a cute cafe in Dallas that Lauren, Amy, Stevie and I bonded over during the holidays... we sipped coffee while talking about marriage. We ended up closing the restaurant down and moving to an IHOP to talk more. It was a great night! I'm so glad they took pictures at our cute cafe.

Look at the adorable heart shaped cinnamon in the latte! Too cute.
Super fun photo in front of the Dallas skyline! It looks like a postcard that says "Save the date! Lauren & Amy in Dallas, Texas on July 30, 2010!"

Congrats, little sis! Can't wait 'til the big day!


Amy B. said...

I love it!!! You are so sweet! I am so so blessed to have you in my life, I don't know what I would do without you. you changed my life too :)

amo said...

Yay! Great story, great photos. I am excited to be part of it!

Anonymous said...

Das endeオシマイ.

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