Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chameleon Chairs come to town! | Cincinnati Wedding Planner

It's probably not an understatement to say I'm just a wee bit obsessed with chairs... well, before I sound too wacky, my passion is about the way chairs can impact the look and feel of an event. Having the right chair, chair cover, chair pad, chair topper, chair skirt or chair sleeve (whew!) changes the look of an event. I devoted a whole blog post to this 2 years ago!

The trendiest, coolest rental chair available now is the The Chameleon Chair. After first seeing this chair 3 years ago at The Special Event trade show, I've wanted to use them in the Cincinnati market.

And I HAVE tried to bring them in (shipped from Chicago), but the shipping price of $1200 (!) was wisely cause for pause.
However, at the ABC conference in Phoenix last November, I met with the President/CEO, Jerry Smolar, of Chameleon Chairs... And we devised a plan to get affordable ship the chairs for my next event.

And so they came last month for one of my corporate events at the Hilton Netherland Plaza!

There are endless options to accessorize these chairs (they are aptly named as the look transforms with the simple addition of a cover). For my December event, I chose the Chloe topper, as it fit best with the desired look - clean, sleek and upscale.
Not only are they great looking, they are SO comfortable, which was really important for the 2 day event. I rented the bar stools for the foyer are and the standard size for the ballroom. The clients (and Hilton staff) loved them!

Here is more information about these lovely chairs:
Pictured below they are "naked," with several styles to choose from. The pad can be changed to any color.

If you start adding toppers and skirts, you get a really wow look! Here are various looks I found around online:

I actually used both purple toppers pictured above on chiavari chairs for a wedding last fall. The fit wasn't perfect, as it's designed to fit a Chameleon, but it was still pretty!

I can't wait until one of my chair obsessed brides in Cincinnati wants to bring The Chameleon chair in for her wedding! Any takers? ;)

Images from the Hilton event courtesy of Saybrook Marketing and my iPhone.
All other images are credited on the photo.
Many of the toppers in the photos are available at Wild Flower Linen.


Jerry Smolar said...



You do have a thing about Chameleon Chairs. Made me smile....thank you.

I am glad that my partners at Classic Party Rentals in Chicago were able to make this happen in Cincinnati.

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, our new website is up and we have added hundreds of images and more are coming.

All the best,

Jerry Smolar
Chameleon Chair Collection

john said...

Wow indeed!

We were excited to help and happy it worked out so well for you. Thanks for the kind words and we look forward to working with you again!

John Rudy
Director of Sales and Marketing
Classic Party Rentals Chicago

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