Monday, January 10, 2011

Family Fun!

A photo session with a 1 year old is like a circus - everyone is making funny faces in hopes for a smile or a laugh!

Over Thanksgiving, we headed to Houston, Texas, to spend the holiday with my husband's parents. We decided to get some photos take all together by our good friends at Fidelis Studio.
It was a HOT and HUMID hour in the park! And we did manage to get some smiles from our Joy!

Here we are with Stevie's sweet parents, who love their little granddaughter so much! They must love us, too, because my mother-in-law woke up every morning with Joy and let us sleep in! What a treat!

Below, me chasing Joy... her favorite, "I'm gonna get you!" See that dimple... melts my heart!
Her not-so-favorite... getting caught! But I love it... scooping her up and covering her with kisses!
The gang again!
A daddy favorite below-- tossing up his girl!I love this silly picture below... Joy's letting it all hang out!

Thanks for letting me share a bit of my family with you!

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Wow! Happy family! The baby is so cute and the whole family is warm! I love them.

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